ICOO Share Drop Alert, A Non-Etherium Based Token

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert


ICOO—One token to rule them all

The new age digital currencies and their underlying technologies have disrupted the financial world in ways unimaginable. Crowdfunding is one such vertical that has been revolutionized and simplified by Blockchain technology and Smart investments. OpenLedger and has developed an enterprise engine that enables one to invest in upcoming ICOs with additional benefits. The platform ‘Crowdfunding 3.0′ will host most promising ICOs at one place and allows investors to pick their choice even before the ICO launches. This is possible as OpenLedger will hold investments in escrow until the ICOs officially launch. Alternatively, the team of professionals will work with start-ups to get their crowdfunding campaign off the ground by providing appropriate guidance, advertising, and networking.as

How does ‘ICOO’ function?


ICOO majorly provides two services that cover the end to end necessities for active participants of ICO launches. First, they offer the opportunity to trade immediately every new coin even in the pre-launch phase. They can provide this service as the team will hold investments in escrow till the launch of the token. Secondly and most importantly, OpenLedger would provide complete promotional and professional services for issuers who want the marketing infrastructure to begin their project. The ICOO tokens derive their value from the revenue generated through the services provided by the services offered by the platform. The income generated is not only tied to the value of the tokens and their trading but is used to fund and promote the ICO projects that opted for the service.

ICOO Token sales and dynamics

The ICOO tokens will be tradable peer to peer and on exchanges where OpenLedger’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX) would be the first exchange to handle such transactions. A maximum of 20,000,000 tokens would be in circulation, and no further tokens would be mined post the ICO. The ICOO asset crowd sale began on May 20th and is set to take place for 42 days. The sale starts of with 1000 ICOOs priced for 1 BTC. The number gradually decreases over time in phases with finally 775 ICOOs priced for 1 BTC. To avoid any change of value to price fluctuations, the ICOO token sale would accept only Bitcoin. Any other cryptocurrency used will be liquidated immediately for the same reason. All the ICOs on the platform would b are executed in the same fashion.

ICO pre-launch trade and token sales on the platform


Token enthusiasts can subscribe to upcoming ICO alerts by signing up on OpenLedger, and from there it is easy to start purchasing immediately.

The platform provides a host of promotional and marketing services for the listed ICOs and hence makes sure that the positives of the project are highlighted to turn up the interest in the ICO. With low minimum thresholds of deposit, it makes it feasible for medium and small scale investments on the platform. Hence OpenLedger is one stop solution for investing and launching ICOs successfully.



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