GetGame – Turning your game ideas into “Reality”

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

When Rockstar Games released ‘GTA V’ in 2013, the whole world was awestruck as they got a glimpse of the future of the gaming industry. From that point on the gaming industry progressed in an unprecedented fashion as GTA V became the fastest selling entertainment product by earning $1 Billion in sales in 3 days. Later in 2015-2016, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games (MOBA) gained an excellent reputation and held 20% of the total market share of the gaming industry. With the projected estimates of the revenue from the gaming industry touching $110 Billion in 2017, it is now the cynosure for investors.

However, the industry requires substantial funding and is not easy for amateurs to get a platform to develop their games independently. Likewise, it’s hard for small – medium scale investors to invest in the development and reap industry profits. However, a decentralized platform called ‘GetGame‘ is trying to bridge the gap between the developers and the investors. Let’s dive deep into how ‘GetGame’ is bringing the much-needed disruption in the modus operandi of the gaming industry. 

What is GetGame?

GetGame is a platform where developers and investors come together for the successful launch cycle of a game. The platform offers developers a chance to receive the necessary funding for the game, incubate, develop, market and reap profits of their hard work. The platform enables investors to invest in a multitude of projects and even create partnerships and portfolios. The added advantage of the decentralized marketplace to trade game tokens gives the comforts of traditional equity markets while supporting the change in the gaming landscape.

Before being accepted by the GetGame platform, each game must be validated and agree to share 10% of their future revenue with GetGame and all its ITO tokens, REALITY (REA), holders. This way, investors can own a part of GetGame and be part of the future success of the collective while the developers can see the dreams of their becoming ‘Reality.’

DinoMess Prospectus

Above is an example of a GetGame game in development. The game is called DinoMess and is already live in Australia and the Philippines. You can see the full DinoMess prospectus here.

GetGame DinoMess Logo

Ekaterina Samedova, DinoMess GeoGame developer said this about his new game. “Game developing is always a challenge. You try to catch the best trends and merge them carefully to get the successful product. For me DinoMess is more than just a mobile game. It reveals the opportunities, that have been unknown before. It embraces real life activities, it penetrates deeply into business processes, it provides powerful edutainment possibilities. I think that DinoMess is one of the projects, that will get gaming experience to the new level.”

How is ‘Reality’ profitable?

With an end to end service platform that monitors the launch and marketing of the game, ‘GetGame’ is your one stop decentralized marketplace for starting or investing in games. The GetGame platform provides unique opportunity to step into VR market as an investor. The platform offers support for the high-end mobile game titles and builds an ecosystem for both publishers and game developers. With Virtual and Augmented Reality games poised to be the future of the gaming industry, GetGame offers you a piece of this lucrative pie. Specializing in these verticals, GetGame is all set to become the platform that would nurture the future of hardcore gaming.

GetGame ICO launch

The tokens distributed in the ICO launch of GetGame will trade under the name ‘REALITY’ using the symbol REA. On purchasing the tokens, investors reserve the right to invest in the projects on the GetGame platform in the future using the tokens. This token is backed by the OpenLedger DC and the Danish company behind it all OpenLedger ApS. The planned supply of tokens is 2,000,000 REALITY and might go up to a max quantity of 10,000,000 REALITY. While the early bird offer to avail the tokens is over, the ICO is scheduled to be sometime in December this year. With such promising features, the platform is all set to disrupt the gaming industry in all sectors unequivocally.

GetGame ITO

You need to have a verified account on OpenLedger. If you do not have an interest in any future ICO, it is possible to buy without validation as well.



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