eDev.one – Where Blockchain powers freelancers

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

With alternative industry talents changing the terrains of many industries, businesses are now looking for diverse employees to make their mark. To factor in that variety, many corporations are hiring freelance workers to add that touch of innovation to their workforce. While this is welcome good news for freelancers, there is no common platform or a single point of contact for them to engage in regular work activity.


Regarding finding employment, chatting up the client and ensuring that the payment is made, there hasn’t been a centralized system that would help freelancers out. With the inception of blockchain technology, most of the industries are heading towards decentralized platforms. On careful thinking, the problem of lack of centralization in the freelance industry can be compensated by decentralized blockchain networks. This is exactly what eDev.one is all about – a platform where freelancers and clients connect to get work done. Let’s dive deep into how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies play a crucial role in this project.

What is eDev.one?

The needs of the freelance industry workforce are simple, they need to be paid, in full, on time, and in every currency including cryptocurrency. This is where eDev.one, a platform where clients and freelancers meet and have instant access to a payment and investment platform comes in. Set to launch in Q4 of 2017, the site has a wide variety of payment options that span a bunch of fiat currencies to a spread range of cryptocurrencies including the ones provided by OpenLedger. The total commission paid to eDev.one is up to 12.5%, of which 2.5% is from the contracting client and up to 10% from the freelancer. Using the currency of their choice out of the given options, the customer pays the total amount, including the commission, which is then converted to the digital asset equivalent to USD (bitUSD) of eDev.one. This is then left on a dedicated escrow account until the time of distribution.

How eDev.one works

How is eDev.one profitable?

eDev.one is a comprehensive platform that allows different types of projects to be bartered and taken up by freelancers with no hassle. It gives reliable protection to both freelancers and clients, with full administrative services and support available for customers and freelancers alike, curated over for every project and task. Once the freelancer has turned in the submission, they are to send a request for the release of escrow funds; the client will then sign off on the job. Once the customer agrees with the releasing of funds, eDev.one will then release the funds for payment to the freelancer in the form of USD or JOYY, the token that can be found on OpenLedger DEX and BitShares exchanges as well. Hence the power of crypto-transfers and escrow contributes to the success of the platform.

Future of ‘JOYY’ and its performance

Before the launch of eDev.one, various asset exchanges would have the offer to list the reputation based JOYY token with a specific amount of tokens, including Ethereum, Waves, NXT, Counterparty, OMNI, NEM, and HEAT. Through buyback and burning of the tokens found in other asset exchanges, the supply of JOYY tokens will decrease and become more scarce in time. Dividends in the form of USD will be distributed to all eDev.one asset holders. Most of the 12.5 % commission will be utilized for marketing and some other activities of buyback and burning.

All in all the platform looks to disrupt the freelancing industry, and we believe it will surely do sometime shortly.



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